Friendsgiving Recipes

Friendsgiving Recipes

Friendsgiving Recipes

If you’re like me, you live in another city than rest of your family members. It kinda blows around the holidays. I love being with family but the getting there, not so much. Whether its car, airport, train, boat, it’s never my favorite place to spend time. Especially when you are supposed to be taking time off to relax, recharge and catch up with all the people you grew up with. There are years that we may or may not be able to make the trek back to the fam.

That’s why I’m a super big fan of Friendsgiving. If you think about it, the first Thanksgiving was the original Friendsgiving. Now it’s a quirky way to say, “we’re going to have dinner with our friends and it’s going to involve turkey, potatoes and other copious amounts of food.” Hooray! Whether it’s your only celebration on the fourth Thursday in November or some time before, it’s always a merry way to extend the day in which we celebrate friendship, new beginnings and FOOD! Specifically, the day was a combination of new and old foods and new and old ways of preparing those foods.

In the spirit of the holiday, I went about recreating all the classic Thanksgiving standards into new recipes – all that could be eaten while balancing a plate on your lap. You can make your Friendsgiving a little more casual and if you happen to have multiple events, it’s an easy way to keep the food interesting. I love that people can graze, relax and it certainly takes out a lot of the clean-up.

Whether it’s turkey swirls with dressing and cranberry sauce or sweet potato cups which include savory goat cheese; these new ways of preparing the standards are sure to be crowd pleasers. I even found a way to combine two of my favorite food groups: mashed potato + pizza. *mind blown* The green bean bites may sound super strange but they were the darling of my Friendsgiving celebration. If you’re not a baker try rolling out puff pastry and topping with your favorite pie filling. We topped with strips of pastry, an egg wash and sugar. Bake for 17 minutes at 375F.

Wherever you end up this week, I hope you enjoy these little gems that honor traditions in food, a spirit of inventiveness and spending time with our dears.



Download all of our Friendsgiving recipes and get cooking!

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