Chili, Two Ways (Plus a Craft!)

Chili, Two Ways (Plus a Craft!)

If I’m ranking seasons, fall is the tops. The cooler temperatures appeal to my ideal wardrobe choices. I love me a good pumpkin display. Mums are typically the flower I have a difficult time killing and my kiddos look particularly adorbs in boots and hoodies.


Table Setting


There are multiple occasions for getting my people together. Football, postseason baseball, Halloween, Thanksgiving, oh my! Which means I have a variety of gatherings to plan for. Chili is a go-to for more causal gatherings because of its self-serve, eat when you want attitude. Unfortunately, there are many schools of chili preparation – to bean or not to bean, meat­ – is it ground or is it chuck, are you for or against the chunk of vegetables, how spicy is too spicy…AGH! In order to satisfy all party goers regardless of chili preference (no judging), my husband and I came up with an easy version of chili that can be served multiple ways. The recipe starts with one base that is divided between a vegetarian bean and a meat version. Guests can choose one or combine depending on their tastes. Make extra print outs of the recipe and put them on the table. Guests will know exactly what they are eating and can take a recipe to make at home.


Chili Two Ways


Being a craft addict, I always like to get the group participating in a light craft that is accessible to all. It always amazes me what creativity you get out of people when you throw an easy craft in front of them. While it may sound as fun as a root canal to some, it always seems to bring the best out of guests regardless of skill level.


Wrapped Jars for Chili


For a casual gathering serving something like let’s say, chili, I like to have people wrapping mason jars to eat their chili in. Provide appropriately-sized plain mason or Weck jars and fabric. I love to use linen or a stretch denim. Guests can rip the fabric in strips then wrap fabric around the jars. They can layer, twist, knot, bow, etc. The fabric protects guests hands from the hot meal and looks adorable. Bonus: wrap wine and soda bottles to brighten up your table scape and protect your surfaces from drips.



Fall – tis the season for getting together wearing chunky sweaters, collectively screaming at the television and snugging in for yummy eats. Enjoy the dropping temperatures and the fun gatherings that go along with them.




For ingredients and step-by-step instructions for Chili, Two Ways, download the recipe.


Chili, Two Ways Recipe

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